postheadericon Announcement : SHARPNELSOUND turn into virtual world.

Thank you very much for supporting sharpnelsound.
We’d like to announce about our label and artists activity plan.

Sharpnelsound was founded at 1998 and we could have many releases, parties and live shows.
We are very happy to play all around Japan and World for 18years.

From 2014, we started to develop viritual reality x music with Oculus Rift DK2 and Gear VR.
We demonstrated these VR-Doujin experience at M3 and comiket booth.

B01nbz1CcAAYhL3 GearVR版2代目VR試聴機

Virtual reality world have no limitation of the time and place.
We’d like to announce our activities shift into Virtual World.

This year, Sharpnelsound goes to virtual world. To turn into realworld to virtualworld, we need to finish some activities in realworld and focus to virtual world acitvities.

  • Sharpnelsound physical CD releases at M3 and Comiket was terminated. (2016 summer comiket was our last comiket)
  • Live show activities in real world of DJ Sharpnel, and other sharpelsound artists will finish with few remained parties.
  • DJ Sharpnel continue to produce tracks to other labels and digital release.
  • Sharpnelsound artists continue to appear on web/internet based parties.
  • Sharpnelsound artists start VR shows for VR Festivals/Parties.

Regarding virtual world activites (i.e. Live show in VR), we already started to c0mmunicate with some VR party organizers and VR live stage compnies regarding having shows and cooporation.

Thank you very much for supporting us for many years and please have fun our activites in VR world.

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